Liquid Handling

User-friendly liquid-handling solutions designed to help you eliminate tedious manual sample preparation and increase system reproducibility and retention time. 

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System solutions

System solutions for analytical and preparative applications

  • The new giant among liquid handling platforms
  • Flexible sizing of the XY units:
    • Width up to 3000 mm
    • Depth up to 1200 mm
  • Up to four Z axes and two Y axes
  • Up to five simultaneous applications possible
  • High speed, high precision
  • Resistant to aggressive solvents
  • RFID identification system (optional)

System solutions for fraction collectors

  • Open, height-adjustable system for an unlimited number of fractions
  • Compatible with many different flask and test tube sizes
  • Convenient racks for every possible application
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Freely programmable XY-axis
  • Collection of up to 625 fractions
  • Touchscreen system (optional)
  • Automatic rack recognition (optional)